Things You Should Know About



1. Favorite Book and book you're currently reading:

Fave: Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. Assigned by my English teacher junior year of high school. First non-linear narrative I ever encountered = mind-blowing.

Currently reading: Night’s Dominion by Ted Naifeh. Graphic novel. Ocean’s 11 + D&D + a smidge of Batman.


2. Drink of choice/ bar fix?

The kind of Scotch where you feel like you’re taking a sip of a campfire. Laphroaig, Lagavulin, etc. Neat.


3. Shit I do when I’m not at Kramers:

Weightlifting, voraciously consuming books/movies/TV, cooking, tabletop RPGs (usually DM-ing), concerts (mostly punk), occasional acting, getting my ducks in a row for law school (American University Washington College of Law, starting in August).


4. What’s your current music playlist?

17 Summers - Skinny Lister

Born to Lose - Jenny Owen Youngs

Definition of Blitzkrieg (Black Start x Ramones) – Max Tanone

Dance Me to the End of Love – Leonard Cohen

Road to Paradise – Tat


5. What’s your adult film star name? (middle name and street you grew up on)

Cheating with the street of my first apartment, ‘cause it sounds cooler:

Ephraim Onondaga

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