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Denis David (DD), chef-extraordinaire, father of six, jack of all trades, and all-around class act has worked at Kramers for over a decade.  When the DD personality dust settles over you, it’s pretty much impossible not to love him like your own family. Denis runs on a combustion engine of nitro coffee, the occasional ice cream sandwich, and fermented Asian vegetables.  A Denis siting constitutes leftovers of any of the aforementioned things, plus a notebook filled with beautiful doodles and jumbled recipes.  Oh, and line check sheets.  His brain is cluttered, his desk (aka whatever workspace he’s temporarily commandeered) is disorganized; those who work closely with him understand that this is a symptom of his fantastically creative mind.  DD is a truly incredible artistic, who has a kaleidoscope view of the world—his culinary/artistic creations are eclectic and unusual, his solutions are frequently genius and unexpected.  He is quietly, but fiercely ambitious—undeterred by false starts or challenges.  If you’ve never seen one of his Halloween pumpkins, or tasted his pork belly… well fuck that, you really haven’t lived.

While DD is literally the world’s #1 Dad (did we mention he has six kids?), he also has amassed a veritable farm’s worth of mammals, ranging from calico chickens to a husky Pitbull (we’re being polite, the dog is really just very fat-get that thing some thyroid medication DD). He is a caretaker, in every sense of the word.

Denis’s commitment to his co-workers and his work is unparalleled.  He looks out for everyone-remembers important dates and deadlines, checks in constantly about personal matters, and puts everyone before himself.  It’s a little known secret that Denis actually lives in the walls of the mez, and sleeps in a cot in the office.  He’s actually the tooth fairy, and this “chef” job is just a cover.  Jokes, jokes… (we think).  In all seriousness, there aren’t words to describe how much he is loved by those who have had the privilege to work with him, and how deeply he will be missed. We are unbelievably grateful for his contributions and commitment to Kramers, but also thrilled to see what lies ahead on his next journey as Santa Clause chef-extraordinaire of Frederick, MD.  The best is yet to come for you DD, we will miss you more than you can imagine.  

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