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Gift Guide: Nerdy Friend Edition


Sarah C.: Lilith's Brood by Octavia Butler

In Butler's imagining of the future of Earth the few remaining humans have been rescued from a global nuclear apocalypse by an interplanetary race. Whether they are their saviors or enslavers remains to be seen. Spanning three generations it explores the complexities of race, gender, fertility, and imperialism in a post human future. 

Sarah R.: American Gods by Neil Gaiman 

Protagonist Shadow Moon gets out of prison only to find himself uniquely positioned in a war between gods. The story is gritty small-town Americana roadtrip meets cosmic mythology wrapped up in an ongoing discussion about what it means to be an immigrant in America. The book has a gorgeous new cover by Robert McGinnis, an ongoing comic adaption, and a TV show premiering now. You've had 16 years to read it but, if for some reason you haven't, this is the perfect time to pick it up. 

Ben: Bitch Planet by Kelly Deconnick

What if r/MensRights took over the world? Deconnick's simultaneously hilarious and chilling satire imagines a misogynist dystopia where women deemed "Non-Compliant"- which can mean anything from first-degree murder to not smiling when told to - are sent offworld for reeducation. It's The Handmaid's Tale, crossed with a grindhouse prison film, in space.



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