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Kramers State of the Union Series


November 8th marks one year since the 2016 elections. Join us for a month of reflections on the state of the nation, its people, and its politics. Don't worry if you can't make an event; you can still write a letter to your representative from our postcard station the entire second week of the month.

  • NOVEMBER 1ST: David Neiwert breaks down the rise of the alt-right while discusisng his new book, Alt America.
  • NOVEMBER 6TH: Former Republican Congressman Chris Gibson chats about his new book Rally Point with current Democratic Congressman Tim Walz.
  • NOVEMBER 8TH: RTE Washington Correspondant Caitriona Perry delves into her year of covering the campaign trail and the resulting book, In America: Tales from Trump Country.
  • NOVEMBER 28TH: The DC job market is notoriously competitive; come learn the tricks of the trade from Tom Manatos, founder of the top political jobs website in the capitol.


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