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John Bessler for Against the Death Penalty at Kramerbooks
Tuesday, August 30th 6:30pm

This volume contains Justice Breyer's dissent in the case of Glossip v. Gross, which involved an unsuccessful challenge to Oklahoma's use of a lethal-injection drug because it might cause severe pain. Justice Breyer's legal citations have been edited to make them understandable to a general audience, but the text retains the full force of his powerful argument that the time has come for the Supreme Court to revisit the constitutionality of the death penalty.

Editor John Bessler is a...

Meg Little Reilly for We Are Unprepared and Jennifer Close for The Hopefuls at Kramerbooks
Wednesday, September 7th 6:30pm

We are Unprepared is a novel about the superstorm that threatens to destroy a marriage, a town, and the entire Eastern seaboard. But the destruction begins early, when fear infects people's lives and spreads like the plague. 

A brilliantly funny novel about ambition and marriage from the best-selling author of Girls in White Dresses, The Hopefuls tells the story of a young wife who follows her husband and his political dreams to Washington, D.C., a city...

Franz Nicolay for The Humorless Ladies of Border Control at Kramerbooks
Monday, September 12th 6:30pm

In 2009, musician Franz Nicolay left his job in the Hold Steady, aka “the world’s greatest bar band.” Over the next five years, he crossed the world with a guitar in one hand, a banjo in the other, and an accordion on his back, playing the anarcho-leftist squats and DIY spaces of the punk rock diaspora.

He meets Polish artists nostalgic for their revolutionary days, Mongolian neo-Nazis in full SS regalia, and a gay expat in Ulaanbataar who needs an armed escort between his home and his...

Tim Murphy for Christodora at Kramerbooks
Tuesday, September 13th 6:30pm

In this vivid and compelling novel, Tim Murphy follows a diverse set of characters whose fates intertwine in an iconic building in Manhattan’s East Village, the Christodora.

Miriam Horn for Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman at Kramerbooks
Wednesday, September 14th 6:30pm

The story of a huge, largely hidden, and entirely unexpected conservation movement in America.

Many of the men and women doing today’s most consequential environmental work―restoring America’s grasslands, wildlife, soil, rivers, wetlands, and oceans―would not call themselves environmentalists; they would be too uneasy with the connotations of that word. What drives them is their deep love of the land: the iconic terrain where explorers and cowboys, pioneers and riverboat captains...