Retro Tinder at Kramers

Wednesday, February 14th 6:30pm

Dear fellow single DCers,

Pink décor is in every storefront, hallmark is readying cheesy love notes, roses are priced at an all-time premium, and happy couples (read: losers) are planning their romantic date nights. Valentine’s Day is upon us, and with it comes a corporate reminder that Cupid is more of a prick than the tip of his arrow when it hits your arse.

Now, if you’re like us, you plan on partaking in the time-honored V-day tradition of swiping on Tinder/Bumble/Hinge/Farmers Only while eating half-priced candy hearts and reading 50 Shades. However, as Victor Hugo stated in his famous treatise on the single life, Les Miserables, “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” With that in mind…

This Valentine’s Day, join us for a special event: “RETRO TINDER AT KRAMERS.” Stop by our store, grab a drink, and speed your way through 10 quick dates. At the end, if you and another spectacularly charming individual both indicated that you like each other, we’ll connect you via email. It’s just like using a dating app, but it costs more and you have to leave your house. Bring your favorite book as a conversation starter! Tickets are limited, so buy below.


Kramers Staff

Tickets for Women interested in Women (6:30-7:30pm):

Tickets for Women interested in Men (7:30-8:30pm):

Tickets for Men interested in Women (7:30-8:30pm):

Tickets for Men interested in Men (8:30-9:30pm):