Monday, November 13th 6:30pm

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From book to HULU to Kramers Sip & Paint, The Handmaid’s Taleis a classic. Your first drink is on us while Kramerbooks’ own Leila Elmergawi teaches you how to paint the cover of the dystopian novel’s 1996 rerelease.


The Handmaid's Tale 1996

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  • Complimentary glass of wine or a beer
  • A canvas you’ll get to take home
  • Access to $5 drinks after you finish your complimentary beverage
  • A lifetime of happiness and meaning
  • A few small bites to keep you satiated

LEILA ELMERGAWI has long been passionate about the visual arts, but it wasn’t until college that she became enamored with painting. She wrote her undergraduate thesis on the influence of Japan on Europe embodied in Japonism in the second half of the 19th century. In the process, she became captivated by Van Gogh's attempts to reproduce Japanese woodblock prints and the therapeutic value he described in doing so. Soon, she was reproducing famous artwork herself.

Years later, Leila got through a year of reporting on deadly events for The Wall Street from Cairo by regularly painting. Her areas of expertise include impressionism art, Japanese art, and American art.